Liaising for N.A. Layout & Building Sanctions in PMRDA & PMC


At Panchtatva Real Estate World, we specialize in providing comprehensive liaison services for obtaining N.A. Layout and Building Sanctions in PMRDA (Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority) and PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation). Our expert team navigates the complex processes involved, ensuring a smooth and efficient approval process for your real estate projects.


Our Services

N.A. Layout Sanctions

Streamline the process of obtaining Non-Agricultural (N.A.) layout sanctions for your land, facilitating legal compliance for development.

Building Sanctions

Navigate through the intricacies of building sanctions, ensuring that your construction plans align with the regulatory requirements set by PMRDA and PMC.

Why Choose Panchtatva Real Estate World?


Benefit from our team's in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with regulatory authorities in Pune.


We prioritize timely and efficient services, minimizing delays in project timelines


Our process is transparent, keeping you informed at every stage of the liaison process.

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